Celebrity VIP Protection

OEIS Close Protection provides highly-qualified staff to ensure that each celebrity has a safe environment.

We offer a wide range of options for selecting a bodyguard. Starting with a selection of height, weight, hair color, etc. The main goal is to satisfy needs and provide safety and comfort to our customers. 

High Profile Protection

​The ever-growing threat of kidnapping and ransom demands, emphasizes the need to have the correct level of protection for our clients, their families and their businesses too. We provide highly sophisticated protection programs including GPRS tracking devices and surveillance support to reduce the risks.


Our protection teams are very discreet in their duties maintaining our covert assignments. Our counter surveillance measures are also key to early intervention.​ We have highly trained specialist protection teams, who offer the highest level of expertise. Dedicated Agents are handpicked after completing rigorous training including firearms, armed protection & hostile environments. Many are ex-police and ex-military that are committed to civilian protection duties.

Highly trained operatives

OEIS's specialties include armed personal escorts, executive protection and support, crowd control, and maritime security. Now, with a force of highly trained operatives, OEIS serves high-profile businesses and other clients. 

OEIS will not panic if their soldiers face a blast or a blackout because they have already experienced that on the streets of Lima.

Events protection

OEIS protects national landmarks, major tourist attractions, industrial sites, educational and financial institutions, healthcare facilities, and other locations where security stakes and client expectations are high.

OEIS has operated in the private, corporate and commercial sectors, as well as with government agencies and embassies.



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